The Best parking lot bar in The World

The Grub

We're not a restaurant ... we're a bar that serves great food. Wings, nachos, fish tacos. Great grub, generous portions. Home made. Smack.

The Drinks

Award winning, hand crafted cocktails. Ain't nobody does it like Duffy's. And if they do, they stole the idea from us.

The Goods

Purchase the signature gear: "The Duffy's logo measures high on the Richter scale of Caribbean cool, readily identified by cognoscenti the world over." -Caribbean Travel &…

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Free Shots Friday

It pays to hang around. Free Shots, every thirty minutes, from 10PM to the wee hours. Tie that dawg to the yardarm!

The Shack Crew

Who's who?

Say what?

(The buzz in the press)

"No trip to the islands is complete without a little nighttime debauchery among locals, and the favorite place to clink margarita glasses is at Duffy's Love Shack, a bona fide thatched roof bar. After one or two Duffito Mojitos (mint, cane sugar, rum and lime) or Booty Calls (bananas, Irish cream and pina colada), guests are sure to shake their own booties to the DJ's tunes. Should you be around for Taco Tuesday, indulge in tacos, shots and upside-down margaritas while playing "pin the tail on the burro." "

- The Travel Channel Best Island Nightlife -

The 4-1-1

In case you want to know more about us

Duffy's Love Shack originated in the alleyways of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas in 1995.

A small thatched roof lean-to in Drakes Passage, Charlotte Amalie was the birthplace of the first Volcano! In September of 1995 it became the unwilling home to a 40' sailboat when Hurricane Marilyn barreled across the island. It was rebuilt in its current location in Red Hook, on the east end of St. Thomas in January 1996.

Dubbed the coolest parking lot bar in the Caribbean, it has been featured in many publications.

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  • St. Thomas Location
  • 6500 Red Hook Plaza
  • St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  • 340.779.2080
  • 11:30 am - 2am
  • Food served from
  • 11:30 am to 10pm
  • continuously.